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3 days / 2 nights


Navigation route

Day 1 : 7:30 p.m.: boarding at the company’s own dock “La Soledad” (Bahía Tranquila, Paraje Punta Bandera) | Navigation to Bahía Alemana | On-board activities | Dinner and night in Bahía Alemana

Day 2 : Navigation to Brazo Norte | Visit to the Upsala and Spegazzini glaciers (barrier of ice floes) | Lunch | Visit to Puesto Vacas with landing | Navigation to Brazo Norte and Canal de los Témpanos up to Bahía Toro (Seno Mayo) | Dinner and night in Bahía Toro.

Day 3 : Navigation to Seno Mayo with landing | Visit to Mayo glacier | Navigation to Canal de los Témpanos | Visit to Perito Moreno glacier | Lunch in front of Perito Moreno glacier | Return to the company’s own dock La Soledad | Landing at 4 p.m.

Note: The route is subject to modifications according to the captain's criteria, for the passenger's safety.


* 02 day navigation cruise for the Argentino Lake, to enjoy wonderful glacies like Upsala, Spegazzini and Perito Moreno

* 01 night of accommodation in a cabin with private WC
* Full Board with alcoholic drinks included (only during meals)
* Disembarkation at Puesto Las Vacas
* Coffee service aboard
* Transfers in/out from your hotel in El Calafate.
* Entrance to the National Park
* Taxes

Tips are not included


Our exclusive program The Spirit of Glaciers offers the opportunity to live the magic of the Patagonian glaciers, one of the most impressive sights in the world.

Along with a small group of passengers, we will navigate during three days among stunning ice floes until we reach the most important glaciers of the Parque Nacional los Glaciares: UpsalaSpegazzini, Mayo, and Perito Moreno

Majestic blue and turquoise millenary ice, of up to 5 kilometers (3 miles) wide; beautiful reddish sunsets; and unique nights, special for looking at the constellation map, make this unforgettable landscape the destination of the most demanding travelers.   

Along the trip, we will learn about the evolution of glaciers as well as the history of the pioneers in the region. 

The Santa Cruz ship, equipped with huge panoramic windows in the cabins and communal lounges, allows the contemplation of the unique sights that Lago Argentino (lake) offers.

The adventure of the The Spirit of the Glaciers includes landings in specific panoramic sites so as to observe, interpret and understand the most surprising characteristics of the place.  

We offer more than a trip. We propose a unique experience in which the passenger will feel part of nature as never before. Welcome aboard to a unique experience in this trip to the spirit of glaciers.



Life on board Leal Cruise is the highlight of the day. A selected group shares the wonderful experience of sailing on Lago Argentino, in search of the "Spirit of the Glaciers".
From the quiet and warm inside it is possible to bask in the harmony of nature at its best.

The Spirit of the Glaciers is a two days / one night program that includes:
· Two days navigation on "Lago Argentino" enjoying the spectacular Upsala, Spegazzini and Perito Moreno Glaciers.
· Night on board in a cabin with private bathroom.
· Full board and coffee service during the trip.
· Activities on board with a bilingual guide.
· Transfers upon arrival and departure from El Calafate.
· National Park entrance fee.

Pre-embarkment optional: It is possible to pre-embark the night before to the regular program at 7 p.m.. This extra night includes dinner on board.


It was designed and built by the end of 1999 by the renowned shipyard "Tecnao", in San Fernando, province of Buenos Aires.
The Leal Cruise is a single hull of elegant design, high stanchion and wide beam; characteristics which grant a comfortable and ample interior and a great stability on high waves.

· Cabins: 6 double and 1 single, with exterior view and private bathroom.
· Central heating
· Cold and hot water.
· Three decks: stern, bow and a main deck over the main hall.
· Maximum capacity of passengers: 14
· Lifejackets for all passengers
· Lifeboats with capacity for 50 people.


Captain and two sailors.
Bilingual guide (Spanish - English)



Features of the ship


•  Length: 40.50 meter.

•  Breadth: 10 meter.

•  Pontoon breadth: 2,10 meter.

•  Material of the hull and superstructure: naval aluminum.

•  Propulsion plant: two 1000 HP Caterpillar motors.

•  Speed: 25 nodes.


Interior design

•  Cabins: 22 double cabins with private bathroom and an outside view (17 Deluxe cabins, 4 Premium cabins, 1 Grand Suite cabin).

•  Maximum capacity: 44 passengers.

•  Library on board.

•  Air-conditioned/ Heated.

•  Kitchen equipped with state of the art technology.

•  Deck in the stern, in the first level, and main deck in the third level.

•  Restaurant for 44 people on board.

•  Lounge and bar.





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