Northbound: from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt



Day 1
Boarding 09:00 pm.
Film (dining room) 10:00 pm.
Live music (pub) 10:00 pm.

Day 2
Última Esperanza Fjord.
Sarmiento channel.
White channel.
Hanging glaciers sighting
Amalia glacier sighting (High season)

Captain's welcoming meeting and safety video 09:30 am.
Talk: Geology & glaciation (spanish) 10:30 am. (High season)
Talk: Geology & glaciation (english) 11:00 am. (High season)
Lunch 12:30 pm.
Documentary 03:00 pm.
Talk: Kawéskar people (spanish) 04:00 pm. (High season)
Talk: Kawéskar people (english) 04:30 pm. (High season)
Documentary 06:00 pm.
Dinner 07:00 pm.
Film (dining room) 10:00 pm.
Live music (pub) 10:00 pm.


Day 3
Early arrival at Puert Edén.
Messier channel.
Passing through Angostura Inglesa and Bajo Cotopaxi.
San Pedro lighthouse.
Sailing out to sea in the evening.
Free early coffee (pub) 06:00 am.
Breakfast 07:30 am.
Disembark in Puerto Edén 08:30 am. (High season)
Departure from Puerto Edén 11:00 am.
Morning Briefing 11:30 am.
Lunch 12:30 pm.
Talk: Flora & fauna (spanish) 03:30 pm. (High season)
Talk: Flora & fauna (english) 04:00 pm. (High season)
Documentary 05:30 pm.
Dinner 07:30 pm.
Film (dining room) 09:30 pm.
Live music (pub) 09:30 pm.

Day 4
Early entry into channels zone.
Ana Pink Bay.
Entry into Pulluche channel.
Sailing along North and South Pérez channels. (High season)
Sighting of seal colony and cormorants.
Brieva Strait and Peñón Blanco.
Sailing past Melinka.
Corcovado Gulf.
Ancud Gulf.
Breakfast 08:00 am.
Morning Briefing 09:30 am.
Talk: Idiomatic expressions (spanish) 10:00 am. (High season)
Talk: Idiomatic expressions (english) 10:20 am. (High season)
Documentary 11:00 am.
Lunch 12:30 pm.
Talk: Puerto Montt and the region's attractions (spanish) 04:00 pm. (High season)
Talk: Puerto Montt and the region's attractions (english) 04:30 pm. (High season)
Documentary or film 06:00 pm.
Dinner 07:30 pm.
Film (dining room) 09:30 pm.
Bingo and party (pub) 09:30 pm.

Day 5
Arrival 06:00 am.
Breakfast 07:30 am
Returning of keys 08:00 am.
Disembarking 08:30 am.

Note: Programme subject to alteration.

Regular departures

Departures Puerto Natales - Puerto Montt
Friday 06:00 am. (**)
(**) Final check to board: Thursday 09:00 pm.
  • Check-in: Thursday from 01:00 pm. to 09:00 pm.
  • All sailings must be confirmed 48 hours prior to departure.
  • All sailing dates are subject to change without prior notice.

Includes :
Lodging according to category.
Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Movies & hall games.
Landfall in Puerto Edén (Optional tour)
Include glacier sighting.

Check-in time :
Check-in: Thursday from 01:00 pm. to 09:00 pm.
Final check to board: Thursday 09:00 pm



NAVIMAG: On Board Entertainment

During your trip inform yourself, through our chats, ouring the trip you will be informed by our chats about the main cultural and geographical attractions of the route, flora, fauna, native communities of the zone and points of interest, such as the Torres de Paine National Park and Chiloé Island. The chats are given by our specialized bilingual guides who will accompany you during the entire navigation.

There is a store available where you can find all that you need for your trip (maps, film, batteries, books, clothes, souvenirs, etc.)

On board, you will be able to form friendships with people from all over the world and enjoy spectacular parties and entertainment in our pub, where the barman will prepare the most exquisite drinks so that you can experience pleasant moments in the middle of the fiords.

Furthermore, during the crossing, you will visit the captain's quarter to meet the captain and to observe the techniques and navigational instruments used in the complicated crossings of the Patagonian Channels. Likewise, if the conditions permit, you can explore the interesting machine room.


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