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(6 days/5 nights)

Departures from Puerto Montt

Itinerary day by day

Saturday: 12.00 noon, weigh anchor from Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Montt. Sailing through the Llanquihue archipelago. Catch sight of Calbuco city. Ancud gulf, archipelago of Chiloe and Corcovado Gulf crossing at midnight.

Sunday: 08.00 hrs. navigation through the Moraleda and Ferronave channels. Arrival at the fishing village of Puerto Aguirre at 11.00 hrs. 12.30 noon continue sailing through Ferronave, Pilcomayo and Costa channels. At 21.30 hrs. approximately, anchor at Hualas cove or Punta Leopardos, 20 nautical miles from the San Rafael Glacier.

Monday: 07.30 hrs. crossing of the San Rafael Lagoon entrance and Tempanos channel. 09.00 hrs. the ship enters the Lagoon and anchors at 2 kms. away from the Glacier. Boat excursions among multicolored icebergs, if the weather allows to. 15.30 hrs. the ship gets closer to the Glacier. 17.00 hrs. set sail to the Quitralco fjord.

Tuesday: 08.00 hrs. berth at the Quitralco pier. After breakfast, passengers can take hotspring baths were the water temperature is at 32ºC and 30ºC , in covered and outside pools. If the weather allows to, boat excursions in motor boats through the inside of the fjord. 19.00 hrs. sail towards Chiloe , navigating through the Moraleda and Perez Norte channels.

Wednesday: 08.00 hrs. Corcovado Gulf crossing. In this area, if the conditions allow to, there is a possibility of watching humpback whales and blue whales. Continue to sail through the oriental coast of the Chiloe island, Yal channel, Castro stream, arriving to this beautiful city at 15.00 hrs. Disembarkation to visit this place. 22.00 hrs. set sail towards Puerto Montt through Lemuy, Dalcahue and Quicavi channels. Farewell party, Captain's dinner, dance.

Thursday: 08.00 hrs. Docked at the Skorpios Terminal pier in Puerto Montt. 09.00 hrs. breakfast, disembarkation and passengers' transfer.









All of the Skorpios services are based on cordial, friendly personal attention. This characteristic of the people of southern Chile has become the trademark of our family service, providing a quality service that meets international standards. Even the smallest service details are given priority and importance, aboard the Skorpios. The satisfaction of our passengers needs is our daily goal.

Amongst the services of the Skorpios that are highlighted are: (the bar is always open, without additional cost), passengers can visit all areas of the ship without restriction (from the machine room, to the control bridge, even the kitchen). Gastronomical needs are provided for without restriction & menu changes are accepted without additional cost, games and reading rooms, smoking and non-smoking bars, bilingual trip information, simultaneous chat translations, satellite telephone, cable & public TV & and all of the commodities of hotelier that correspond to a luxurious service.



This Chilean National Park was declared to be a worldwide reserve by UNESCO in 1979. Located at latitude 46 – 45 south of the Chilean Patagonia it is 1,242,000 hectares of millenary beauty. A Spanish navigator discovered this place four centuries ago. Today it has become one of the natural splendors of Chile, of the greatest international importance. The ice of the San Rafael Glacier dates back as far as 300,000 years, its frontal face is 2kms wide and its ice towers reach up to more than 75 mts. and plunges down into the ocean waters more than 230 meters. It has a length of 15 kms and stems from the San Valentín Nevado of the Southern Ice Fields of the Los Andes Mountains. The blues of the ice and its constant avalanches have converted this natural spectacle into international fame. With its ice floes of different shapes and colors it is a spectacle that is unique in this world.


An old glacier formed riverbed surrounded by mountains, with exuberant and unique vegetation. Here is where the Thermal Installations of Skorpios are located, with their warm, pure waters of volcanic origin, where you can enjoy thermal and steam baths.
Walks through this austral forest and sports fishing are some of the activities of this beautiful fjord.
In 1996 the Mountains and Parks Council of Chile declared this location a Natural Sanctuary.


The Aysen Adventure Route, offers the opportunity of visiting the cities and Villages of the XI Region, here you will become acquainted with, Coyhaique, Puerto Aysen, and Puerto Chacabuco. Besides this there are other interesting tourist attractions, that we invite you to become familiar with by taking the optional tours, before or after the cruise. This region has a vast quantity of lakes and natural wonders, which deserve to be visited while you take advantage of your stay in this area. There are excellent hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias, in which you will be warmly received and treated by the Patagonian People.
We invite you to become acquainted with these cities and villages that will thrill you with their charm.


The flora and fauna at these latitudes have a spectacular beauty. The copious rainfall creates a humid austral forest, abundantly rich with a vast quantity of trees, plants and flower species that profoundly impress all visitors. Highlighted amongst these are: the Chilco Flower or Fuchsia, the immense ferns, Cypresses, Cinnamon Tree, Lengas and millennium old Alerce.
The fauna of the Patagonia comes in many varieties. Sea wolves, dolphins, whales, sea lions, vapor ducks, cormorants, swans and Martin Fishers bring delight to the Skorpios passengers.



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